04 Jul

When you are in pain you may seek medical help. Modern Medicine amazing as it is tends to segment up the human body into sections. You only have to visit a hospital and you will see a department for each body part. While our hospitals provide life saving and essential care it seems that every issue or symptom needs to have a name. Once there is a name or label then a 'set' protocol of medication and sometimes operations. Each name as the same protocols. At my treatment room I could actually have a stamp made for the names of the prescribed medications because most clients take the same ones yet they are individual and all have different stories so how can that be?

You ARE more than a set of symptoms or a diagnosis! As a human you have a mind! You think and whatever you are told by a professional can begin to define you. A given label could actually make the symptoms worse because it is likely that you but more energy into the name rather than into the healing. A label can turn you into a victim! 

Playing a victim role can be very 'draining' constantly thinking about your condition and how much it hurts or how you cannot do anything because you have this condition. It just becomes your life with no room for all the really good stuff.  Science does not tell us the whole story. If a room of  people had an mri scan of the spine some would show disc prolapse but they would have NO pain while others would be in pain but show nothing. So why do some people feel pain while others do not?

How you live your life, what you eat, how you sleep, your relationships, your younger life, your job........all these factors play a huge role in how and why you feel pain and control pain. Your mind is the key to 'unlocking' victim thoughts and helping to restore healing thoughts to living a good life rather than being defined by a medical label.

Thoughts and emotions affect the physical body......

  • Focus on self love and healing rather than a medical name
  • Think about 'healing' and energy goes where your attention flows
  • Focus on not being sick but being well
  • Live your life with possibilities
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